Efficient and Economical

Billions of tons of trees are cut to produce paper.  Since CaCO3 widely exists, not only we will save trees but also paper will be available with a lower price.


Insect Resistant

Stone paper is not bio-degradable so it does not attract insects.


100% Recyclable

CaCO3 can be recycled using regular methods. Since Stone paper is neither a paper nor a stone, harmful materials do not remain unlike paper recycling.


Eco Friendly

Stone paper degrades under sun light. Other additive materials are absorbed by the atmosphere.



Stone paper is moisture-resistant and very resistive to water.



Stone paper does not burn easily. It deforms at high temperatures.

What is the Stone Paper?

Stone Paper (also traded as Modestone, Rock Paper, Paper from Waste Marble, Mineral Paper, Rich Mineral Paper, Sustainable Paper or Eco Paper) is a type of strong, and durable paper-like product manufactured from calcium carbonate bonded with high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is used for stationery, leaflets, posters, books, magazines, bags, packaging, wallpaper, adhesives, tags, in-mould labels, plates, trays, containers and many other uses.

The process for creating Stone Paper was first developed by Taiwan Lung Meng Tech Co. in Taiwan during the late 1990s. Stone Paper has been patented in over 40 countries, where its products are marketed under a variety of other trade names such as Modestone, GPA UltraGreen, MIST Paper, Parax Paper, Terraskin, ViaStone, Kampier, CleanSlate, EmanaGreen and Rockstock, Pixz Printing, KYStone Paper and Nu Stone.

Production to customer order


The company is proud to provide customers with a wide range of paper based on their demands. Paper can be used to provide brochures, calendars, envelopes, maps and much more.

Benefits of Stone Paper Production

Why Should We Use Stone Papers?

According to the statistics, paper industry consumes the second most water and energy in developed countries, especially in the USA. By production of 8500 paper sheets we can save:
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About Us

Azerbaijan Green Paper Company is a cooperative company that was registered as a result of a series of research to produce paper from stone in 2014. It produces paper from stone and its products are known as Green paper or stone paper. The brand is stone-made.

Since imposed sanctions against Iran were a major problem to start this project, a group of companies started a wide study and investigation on this project.  These companies were located in the modern science and technology park in Iran which is known for its technical and scientific background.

Through bilateral investigation and close collaboration with international partners in 2016, the device to produce paper from stone was manufactured which was capable to produce paper with thickness from 70 to 1000 microns. Same year by transporting and installing devices at the production site the first production line was established.

Azerbaijan Green Paper produces more than 63 different types of stone paper. This company has a  certificate of competency from the Iranian vice president of science and technology and supports stone paper investors in the form of Turn-key or EPC with a guarantee. Currently developing three projects in Iran and Turkey.


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There is a high demand for the paper in Iran and major part of this need is met through paper import. This company and its foreign partners are able to provide necessary devices for production of the stone paper in the form of the turnkey system with necessary warranty.

Since this industry is a brand new industry, a lot of investors are interested in investing in this section but they lack sufficient economic and technical information. We can claim that except this company other companies (Unlike their claims to provide and produce devices.) cannot guarantee the quality and performance of the manufactured devices. The biggest advantage of our product is that it is available and can be assessed by its quality which accompanies unique opportunities such as contract credibility, product quality, performance of the devices, technical service and insurance.




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